50 Cent Slammed For Taking Back Cash He Rained Down On Strippers In Strip Club

Rapper 50 Cent was slammed by fans after an Instagram video showed him taking money back from a stripper, just moments after giving it to her. Watch, here!

50 Cent, 43 was hosting an event at Angels Club in New York on Sunday, Aug. 5, when he was caught on video taking money back from a stripper, after previously giving to her. Before the incident transpired, the night seemed to be going well, as 50 rained down stacks of cash onto the stage. But things took a turn for the worse, when he proceeded to take the money back.

The video, which was originally posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram account, doesn’t indicate what lead the rapper to change his mind about tipping the stripper. And unsurprisingly, the crowd let him have it! 50 was booed for violating strip club etiquette, especially considering he certainly could afford tipping her, or any of the other dancers. Fans also let him have it by commenting on the video seen below. Later per BET, 50 Cent responded to a fan’s criticism of the incident by stating “shorty said some sh*t.[He] asked what’s wrong? Then said f**k it,”.

Despite the faux pa, 50 Cent will continue to host Powerball Sundays — his weekly event — at the Angel Club. He also announced he has a new song with Tekashi 6ix9ine. The song is entitled “Get the Strap”. It is set to debut during episode eight of 50 Cent’s Starz series, Power.

The video seen above isn’t the best look for 50 Cent, but the internet had a lot of fun with it. It’s worth a watch just to see how awkward it gets as he collects the money back from the stripper. Hopefully this video made him learn a valuable lesson and maybe next time he won’t rudely deny a dancer their tip.

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