7 Stars Who Look Super Sexy While Exiting The Pool: Bella Hadid & More

It’s one thing to look sexy while posing BY the pool in a bikini..but it’s a whole new ball game to look sexy while getting OUT of the pool in a bikini! However, these stars did it to perfection!

Summer is quickly winding down, and those long days by the pool will soon come to an end. We’re not quite ready to let it go just yet, though, so we’re looking back at some of the sexiest celeb pool shots of all-time. These ladies have managed to not only look super hot while by the pool and in the pool…but they’ve done it while exiting the water, as well. Bella Hadid once posted a shot of herself climbing up a pool ladder while showing off her tanned and toned figure in a two-piece, and she looked AMAZING.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has taken pretty much every bikini pic imaginable, including one shot of herself walking out of the pool while getting drenched in water from sprinklers above. Kim’s white top and bottoms got soaked, and it was definitely very sexy. Of course, she somehow managed to make it all look totally natural! Her sister, Kylie Jenner, has also posed for a photo while hopping out of the pool, but she made sure not to get her hair or face wet for the shot.

Then, there was Gigi Hadid. Obviously, she’s a supermodel, so she knows how to get the best shot possible, and she looked like a Baywatch babe as she strutted out of the water and slicked her hair back. All that was missing was the sexy red one-piece!

Click through the gallery above to check out these ladies and more stars looking super sexy while exiting the pool — and make sure you indulge in the last weekend of summer just like them!

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