Alanis Morissette chose an ‘Ironic’ name for her new baby and we love it

It’s like raiiiiin on your wedding day…

Alanis Morissette just welcomed her third child, and it wasn’t lost on fans that she chose a name that is, in fact, ironic: Her newborn son, born in the middle of the summer, is named Winter.

For those of you who are spotty on your mid-’90s history, one of Morissette’s biggest hits in 1995’s “Ironic.” The issue? The lyrics describe a series of coincidences, not ironies. Which therefore means that the song itself is ironic, because it’s titled “Ironic.” Got it?

Would Alanis Morissette consider it ironic that she had a baby during the summer yet named him Winter

Morissette has a history of choosing artistic names for her kids: She’s also mom to Onyx Solace and Ever Imre. With husband Souleye rounding out the clan, we would’ve been more surprised if the couple had gone with a baby name like “James”!

The 45-year-old is currently recording her next album, according to her Instagram. Last week she said she was “soul deep” in the process and added that the album is not yet titled.

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