Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael: We’re Still Engaged! We Never Broke Up!

Just three weeks after announcing their engagement, reports claimed that Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael had broken up.

Now, they’re both making it very clear that they’re together, and Paul is explaining the apparent mix-up.

Paul Michael, Amanda Bynes’ fiance, is speaking to Page Six in order to clear up some nasty misinformation.

“Both of our instas got hacked,” Paul Michael reports.

He adds: “And someone deleted our pictures and sent dms saying we broke up.”

That is awful on multiple accounts. We hope that they at least had backups of the photos.

Paul Michael and Amanda Bynes Engagement Rings: "My Baby"

“We never broke up,” Paul announces.

Over the weekend, it had appeared that they had split.

“And,” he adds, both he and Amanda “weren’t able to log into our instagrams until last night.”

Paul says that the alleged hacker did this “[Presumably] to make it seem like we broke up.”

Paul adds that he and Amanda “have been together for six months.”

“And,” he reiterates, the two of them “didn’t break up.”

In fact, both of them have spent this week uploading new photos, if not a large number of them.

In addition to a cozy couples selfie, Paul also shared a couple of snapshots of their engagement bands, which we have included in this post.

Now, it was also reported that Amanda was ordered to rehab.

“She’s not ordered to go to a hospital,” Paul clarifies.

“She’s ordered to go to a residential treatment,” he explains, “which is called inpatient, but she’s not in a hospital.”

“She is affected by trauma from her childhood,” Paul adds.

“The anxiety made her drop out of school,” Paul details.

“And,” he continues, “the judge ordered her to work on that in residential treatment.”

Amanda currently attends outpatient group therapy and then trauma therapy during the day.

The price of her therapies brings a bill of thousands of dollars each month. Most people in her situation would not be able to seek treatment.

“She’s allowed to come and go as long as she goes to therapy,” Paul adds. 

He says that she will return to fashion-design school FIDM in order to receive her Bachelor’s degree.

Amanda already has an Associate of Art degree.

“She’s doing really well, besides anxiety and trauma,” Paul says.

Obviously, a lot of people are very leery of claims that celebrity social media accounts were “hacked.”

It is difficult to impossible to imagine why anyone would hatch a sinister plot to … make it appear that Amanda Bynes’ engagement is over.

But may we be so bold as to suggest that it doesn’t really matter?

Amanda and Paul are still engaged. Even if they’re lying about the “hacking,” their engagement is real.

Conspicuously, Paul did not say anything regarding reports that Amanda’s parents are refusing to allow her to marry Paul.

They hold a Conservatorship over her, controlling almost every aspect of her life.

It’s fine that he didn’t touch on the subject. It’s Amanda’s business.

But we hope that she is soon in a place with her mental health where she can make her own good decisions in life.

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