‘Andi Mack’ Season 3 Expected to Premiere in December!

Andi Mack season two just wrapped, but we won’t have long to wait for more!

The third season is expected to start airing on Disney Channel in December of this year, and the cast is dishing on what they hope for.

“I hope to see the characters all grow, and I think the progression of the seasons from one to two and now to three, you see so much growth in all the characters, this building of confidence that they’ve all been experiencing. I’m just excited to see Andi, as well as the rest of the characters grow more and more into themselves!” Peyton Elizabeth Lee told Tigerbeat.

Joshua Rush added that he wants lots of Cyrus moments (and we agree!).

” I want lots of things for Cyrus! The problem is I can’t tell you any of them because I just told Terri all of them, and if any of them end up coming out on the show…I can’t be the one who releases those spoilers before they’re even spoilers!” he said.

“For Buffy, I just want her to grow as a human becuase all of our chracters are growing so much, and they’re finding their way through life at such a young age,” Sofia Wylie added. “I would like to see who Buffy truly is because we’re finding more layers of her: why she’s so competitive, and we’re seeing her mom come back home and seeing her being more vulnerable. I love being able to see different layers of my character and I would love to see even more.”

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