Angie Harmon Shows Off Insane Bikini Body As She Celebrates 46th Birthday With Beach Weekend

The actress stuns fans with her birthday photos.

Angie Harmon seems to be aging backward. The actress, who turned 46-years-old on August 10, posted photos from her birthday weekend, and it’s clear she takes fitness very seriously. Harmon posted several photos to Instagram which show her in a bikini flaunting her superfit body and amazing abs as she celebrates her birthday with family and friends at the beach.

In one photo, Harmon gives a stunning pose as she lounges on the beach. Harmon tagged the pic “She-Hulk,” a nod to the character she long wanted to play in the Marvel universe. Another snap shows her horsing around with boyfriend Greg Vaughan and other pals as she thanks everyone for an awesome birthday celebration.

Many fans took to the comments section to marvel over Harmon’s amazing figure. Some followers even commented that Harmon’s photos look straight out of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

While she looks like a swimsuit model, Harmon is actually a working mom living her own “modern day Brady Bunch” with Vaughan and his kids. The actress has three daughters, Finley, Avery, and Emery, with husband and former NFL star Jason Sehorn, but she has always been diligent about taking care of herself while juggling her career and motherhood.

Happy Hump Day! @marvel @marvelstudios #shehulk #blessed #grateful #dreams @therealstanlee [email protected] ❤️❤️❤️ #canwegoback #FAE #family #moderndaybradybunch

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Well THAT was FUN!! ???????????????????? Love y’all so very much & thank you for an AWESOME BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!! #blessed #grateful #moderndaybradybunch #FAE #framily

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Harmon has been vocal about her healthy diet, but she doesn’t have a specific workout routine for fans to aspire to. In 2016, Harmon told New Beauty her fitness regimen consists of “running to the gate at the airport.”

But she did add that for her, health comes through diet.

“I do have a very healthy diet and try to be mostly sugar-free, and now I’m also trying to be gluten-free.”

But lest you think she is not human, Harmon did admit that after giving birth to her third daughter, she struggled a bit to lose the baby weight.

“I’ve had to actually work out and drink a ton of water and be conscientious of what I eat and things like that, where I didn’t have to before,” the former Law and Order star told People in 2010. “Every time you have a baby, the weight disperses in different places and you come out with a new, not necessarily improved, but just new body.”

At the time, Harmon revealed she got her cardio in by biking and walking and joked that she lifted “children” instead of weights.

Harmon also admitted that the arrival of bathing suit season “will definitely motivate me to get off the couch.”

Her latest bikini shots will probably do the same for her fans.

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