Anna Kournikova celebrates twins Nicholas and Lucy turning three

Anna Kournikova celebrates her twins Nicholas and Lucy turning three with dueling cute portraits

She gave birth to her daughter Mary on January 30 of this year.

But Anna Kournikova turned her attention to her first two children on Wednesday with a series of adorable closeups posted to Instagram.

The 39-year-old former professional tennis player shared images of Lucy and Nicholas to commemorate the toddlers turning three.

Lookalikes: Anna Kournikova, 39, shared adorable photos of her twins Lucy (pictured) and Nicholas to mark their third birthdays on Wednesday

Anna, who shares all three of her children with her longtime partner Enrique Iglesias, with simple identical captions, writing ‘3!’ and adding red heart emojis.

Lucy’s photo showed her crouched on playground equipment was she gazed into the camera while sporting a soft smile. 

She had on a cute teal and cyan shirt and matching pants.

The little girl appeared to be out in Anna and Enrique’s back yard, as there was a green tennis court in the background with a basketball hoop off on one side. 

Having a blast: Anna, who shares the twins with her partner Enrique Iglesias, showed Lucy in the backyard while Nicholas looked as if he was in a play house

Nicholas beamed even wider than his sister and looked as if he was taking a selfie because his arm was extended under the camera.

He had on a white Polo Ralph Lauren shirt with black and baby blue trim.

He also wore a backwards blue baseball cap over his blond hair.

Going strong: Anna had been in a relationship with her partner Enrique for more than a decade and a half when she welcomed their twins on December 16, 2017; seen in 2011 in LA

Growing family: She gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Mary, on January 30, 2020

Anna had been in a relationship with her partner Enrique for more than a decade and a half when she welcomed their twins on December 16, 2017.

Their relationship began toward the end of 2001, after she had appeared in his music Escape music video.

The two have remained tight-lipped about their relationship for years, particularly following Anna’s 2007 retirement from professional tennis.

The two had ben living in relative solitude in their home on a private island in Miami, though they subsequently put the house on the market in 2018. 

Tight-lipped: The two began dating in 2011 but have remained relatively quiet about their private lives, particularly throughout the pandemic; seen together in 2010

On Wednesday, a source told ET Lucy, Nicholas and their 10-month-old sister Mary had been enjoying ‘their quiet time in Miami’ throughout the pandemic and therefore haven’t been featured on social media much recently.

‘Since the addition of their daughter earlier this year, the focus has been on her but also giving the twins their alone time,’ the source said. 

‘Enrique and Anna are very private and have been protective of the twins during COVID-19 with not many people getting the chance to be around them.’

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