Anna Kournikova shares a rare video of all three of her children

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova share rare video of their three children driving a mini Land Rover while listening to the singer’s music

Enrique Iglesias’ longtime partner, Anna Kournikova, shared a rare clip that featured all three of the pair’s children to her Instagram account on Sunday.

In the video, the happy couple’s kids were seen riding in a mini Land Rover as they made their way around what appeared to be a tennis court while listening to their father’s recently released track, Chasing The Sun.

The 46-year-old hitmaker and his partner, 40, have been romantically involved for two decades and have reconciled after separating on multiple occasions.

Riding out: Anna Kournikova shared a rare video that featured all three of her children, whom she shares with her longtime partner Enrique Iglesias, to her Instagram account on Sunday

The celeb couple initially met when the tennis star portrayed Iglesias’ love interest in the music video for his 2001 track Escape.

Prior to becoming involved with her current partner, Kournikova was in a long-term relationship with professional ice hockey player Pavel Bure.

Rumors abounded about a potential marriage for the pair in the early 2000s, although neither of the two ever confirmed anything.

The tennis player and Iglesias went on to begin a relationship, and they made their red carpet debut during the following year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Showing off: The kids were seen riding in a mini Land Rover while their father’s recently released track Chasing The Sun played

Going strong: Iglesias and Kournikova have been romantically involved ever since 2001 and have reconciled after splitting up on several occasions; they are seen in 2006

The two reportedly went on to tie the knot in 2007, although they split up after just a year of marriage.

However, the pair later reconciled and told numerous news outlets that, although they were happy to be together, they had no plans of making their union official for a second time.

In 2017, the two announced that they had started a family after welcoming a pair of twins named Nicholas and Lucy.

Iglesias and Kournikova later added their youngest daughter, Mary, to their lives in January of 2020.

Starting a family: The happy couple initially welcomed a pair of twins in 2017 and a second daughter in 2020; they are seen in 2010

The singer spoke about his relationship and status as a father during an interview with ITV, where he noted via E! Online that having children had changed his approach to most things in his life.

He pointed out that fatherhood was ‘one of the best feelings in the world’ and that ‘I drive slower. I think about stupid things a few more times before doing them.’

The songwriter also noted that he had become ‘more responsible’ ever since welcoming children, although he hoped ‘to be a cool, easy-going dad.’

Iglesias also spoke about his lengthy relationship with Kournikova, and he likened his connection to the athlete as being akin to having tied the knot. 

Ambitions: During an interview with ITV, Iglesias expressed that he wanted ‘to be a cool, easy-going dad’ in the future; he is seen with his partner in 2012

‘When you’ve been with someone quite a while like I have, it’s like being married,’ he remarked.

The I Like It singer then expressed that, even if he and his partner were to make their union official, they would still treat each other the same as if they had not said their vows.

‘We’ve been together for 17 years, so what’s the difference? I believe in marriage, but whether we’re married or not, it wouldn’t make such a big difference,’ he said.

Iglesias concluded by expressing that, although he was fine with staying in a relationship with Kournikova for the time being, ‘I would like to get married some day.’ 

No big deal: Iglesias also spoke about not making his relationship with Kournikova official, and expressed that ‘whether we’re married or not, it wouldn’t make such a big difference’; they are pictured in 2002

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