Ariana Grande Drops Brilliant New Album ‘Sweetener’ And Fans Go Wild With Joy

The week just got a little sweeter! Ariana Grande’s 15 track album ‘Sweetener’ is here, and fans are going crazy for the pop star’s latest release!

Ariana Grande, 25, has officially released her new album, and her fans are losing it! After months of Instagram teases, snapchat snippets, and one-off singles, the album in it’s entirety is here! Sweetener is the 15-track collection of pop music perfection that fans were hoping for. She promised something new and different than anything she’d ever done and the singer totally delivered. Ari tweeted, “I wanted desperately to go somewhere new. i told y’all i wanted to go somewhere new. I went somewhere new…I feel at home here. 🙂 enjoy tonight” hours ahead o the album’s release.

Sweetener may be Ari’s fourth studio album, but it’s the first that the singer has stepped up to take complete creative control of everything from down from the album art, to merch designs. The new album screams Ariana through and through, and the singer infused bits of her personal life between every lyric. On “R.E.M,” Ariana sings of her love for a man that’s most likely fiancé, Pete Davidson, 24. “Think I heard some wedding bells, shh, keep it to yourself/Is this real?” she asks the in the chorus chimes “Boy, you’re such a dream if you can believe, ayy/Boy, you’re such a dream to me” Ari revealed on The Tonight Show that its her personal favorite song off the album. 

Oh, and we can’t can’t talk about Sweetener without mentioning the track literally devoted to Pete, as the title is “Pete Davidson.” Ariana sings “Fell from the sky into my lap/And I know you know that you’re my soulmate, and all that” then proceeds to keep repeating “Gonna be happy, happy/I’ma be happy, happy” for the remainder of the song. Ariana had recorded most of the album before even meeting Pete in May, so this was a last minute addition. She said on The Tonight Show that she wrote it “The week we started hanging out and stuff.”

The release of Sweetener comes two years after the pop star’s release of Dangerous Woman. Ariana delivered the singles “No Tears Left To Cry,” “God Is a Woman,” and “The Light Is Coming,” earlier this summer, but those initial tracks were clearly just a small taste of what was to come!

One fan gushed on Twitter “omgiaw #Sweetener album is the most amazing and beautiful thing that i have the chance to hear in my life. i am so proud to have @ArianaGrande as my idol. this girl is incredible. the glo up since yours truly era make me cry.. now she’s a powerful woman and i love her so much.” Another wrote” I can not even begin to verbally express how perfectly amazing #Sweetener is. @ArianaGrande, you’ve really outdone yourself babe!”

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