Ariana Grande’s Song About Pete Davidson Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

Ah, young love! Ariana Grande’s new album is here, and one song is a sweet ode to her fiancé Pete Davidson. Listen below to the song that is literally titled ‘Pete Davidson.’

If Ariana Grande, 25, is trying to melt our hearts, it’s working. The singer just dropped her ‘Sweetener’ album on Aug. 16 which is all around fire, but one particular track has us melting due to sweetness overload! “Pete Davidson,” (yes named after Ari’s fiance himself), is the love millennial love song we’ve all been waiting for. On the track, Ari lovingly sings, “I thought you into my life, woah//Look at my mind//No better place or time//Look how they align.” Awww! The second verse of the song gets even sweeter. “Universe must have my back//Fell from the sky into my lap//And I know you know that you’re my soulmate, and all that,” Ariana belts on the track with her signature flawless range.

Then she just keeps repeating over and over “I’mma be happy, happy” with the verses “And I’m gonna be there for you” and “Won’t get no crying from me,” in between her lines about happiness. The track is hort but sweet and only lasts 1 minute 13 seconds. It’s true, Ariana does seem unbelievably happy with Pete! Before releasing the track, the Saturday Night Live comic gushed over the song written about himself. In an Instagram video, he revealed that the track was in his top five off the entire album!

Her ode to her fiance was a last minute addition to the album, and Ariana revealed on The Tonight Show on Aug. 16 that she wrote it “The week we started hanging out and stuff” in May. She said that “I had the biggest crush on him forever,” that went all the back to several years ago when she hosted SNL. She said she was in the writers room working on sketch ideas with Pete and other writers and that she never gets “crushy” on guys. But she left the room and told her manager, “I’m going to marry him, 100 percent,” about Pete.

Although Ariana used track 14 to confess her love to her fiancé, not every song is a mushy gushy love fest. She had already released the lead single “No Tears Left To Cry” before she started dating Pete in May (then getting engaged just a few weeks later in early June).  She followed that up with “God Is a Woman,” and “The Light Is Coming,” which were also laid down before she got with Pete. Still other songs on the album like “R.E.M,” “Everytime,” and “Better Off” are all about being in love so who knows how this album would have shaped up if she hadn’t met Pete?

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