Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Anti-Maskers 'Screw Your Freedom'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had it up to HERE with anti-maskers … blasting them as schmucks who have ZERO idea what freedom’s really about.

The Terminator went off Wednesday after he was asked during an interview about COVID misinformation that’s been spreading like the Delta variant … wreaking havoc across the country.

Arnold spoke directly to, or at, anti-maskers saying, “Screw your freedom. Because with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities. You cannot just say, ‘I have the right to X, Y and Z.’ When you affect other people, that is when it gets serious.”

He noted that anti-maskers have the freedom to NOT wear a mask but added … “But you know something? You’re a schmuck for not wearing a mask.”

Arnold, of course, has been a huge proponent of COVID-19 mitigations such as social distancing, wearing masks and the vaccine. Earlier this year … he posted video of himself getting the shot at Dodger Stadium.

He also dropped some of his most famous lines while doing so … including, “Come with me if you want to live,” which is what the Model 101 Terminator told Sarah Connor.

Despite his verbal assault on anti-maskers … Arnold said he didn’t want to villainize anyone, and encouraged everyone to work together to beat the pandemic.

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