Ashlee Simpson Relives Embarrassing SNL Performance: The Shame Made Me ‘Stronger’

Ashlee Simpson is gearing up to debut new music and a new TV show, but that doesn’t mean she has forgotten one of the most embarrassing moments of her career. Read on to see what she has to say about that infamous ‘SNL’ performance.

Who can forget Ashlee Simpson‘s botched SNL performance back in 2004? From the awkward “hoedown,” to blaming her lip-syncing on acid reflux, the star got some serious backlash for the flub. Now, 14 years later, Ashlee is back and better than ever…but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about the embarrassing incident!

“It’s definitely not difficult to talk about…that was a very long time ago,” the “Piece of Me” singer told E! News. “It’s something that happened to me and things in life happen to you and they make you stronger and they make you a better performer, a better person. I think things like that build your character and your strength and it’s how you handle them.”

After a bit of time away from the spotlight (who can blame her?), Ashlee is getting ready to premiere a new docu-series on E! called ASHLEE+EVAN. She will star with husband Evan Ross and viewers will get a chance to get a closer look at their relationship, as well as hear some new music from the couple.

And if you think she’s the same Ashlee she was back when she filmed The Ashlee Simpson Show, think again. The girl has evolved! “For me, I feel like it’s been such a long time since I’ve been out,” she added to E! News. “I came to a place where I was like, ‘Well I do want people to know where I’m at and who I am in my life.’ I was a teen, angsty girl on my show back in the day and now I’m a woman and a mother.” We doubt we’ll be seeing any lip-sync fails this time around!

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