Ashley Martson: Jay DID Cheat on Me! Sorry I Lied!

As the saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you.

It seems that Ashley Martson was worried that after Jay Smith's fifth time cheating on her, fans would spread the shame around a little.

Yes, fifth. That we know of.

If some parts of this 90 Day Fiance couple's turbulent history has slipped your mind, never fear.

Before we share Ashley's full statement — including the confession and the apology for lying — below, we'll briefly recap their ups and down.

Strap in, because Ashley and Jay had their share of ups and downs — and so many breakups and reconciliations — before their latest split.

And once you look through their history, it's going to be hard for anyone to believe that it's truly over this time.

1.Ashley and Jay are over

2.It started with a wedding

3.Right after their wedding, he downloaded Tinder

4.But she didn't break up with him

5.They kept filming

6.Things were almost fine

7.It was over

8.Then …

9.His ploy worked

10.And things were good for almost three months

11.Until, of course, it all went sideways

12.Ashley needed time to herself

13.Jay immediately violated the order

14.Then, his boss paid his bail

15.No, surely not

16.She for some reason blamed herself

17.She begged for a divorce




21.No, they were really back together

22.They tried to explain

23.They even talked about having kids

24.It worked well for Jay

25.Their three year anniversary came and went

26.Uh oh


28.It was over … again

29.Ashley addressed her fans

30.As for the financial side of things …


32.The truth is: Jay cheated

33.It cost her a lot

34.She's sorry

35.Until next time?

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