Aubrey O'Day reveals the shirt she was wearing that nearly got her kicked off a flight

Aubrey O’Day says an American Airlines flight attendant made her take her shirt off ‘in front of the entire plane’

Singer Aubrey O’Day claims that an American Airlines flight attendant made her take her shirt off ‘in front of the entire plane.’ American Airlines says it is looking into the situation.

Aubrey O'Day is opening up about her recent American Airlines flight, in which she claims, a flight attendant forced her to remove her shirt in "front of the entire plane."

“I was in the Bahamas. I was working with a few different orphanages out there, and I just grabbed a sweater,” the 35-year-old singer told People magazine in an interview published Friday.

Per O'Day, the shirt spelled out "f–k" and was from "a brand out in L.A." She said that it "wasn't bad at all."

“They came up to me right after everything was settled and asked me to get off the plane. They said that one of the attendants was offended by my shirt,” she alleged, before later stating that the airline had "every right [legally] to do that.”

In a statement to Fox News on Friday, American Airlines said: "We reached out to Ms. O’Day after we learned about the situation and have no further comment at this time."

According to People, O'Day said that initially the only option she was given was to deboard the plane.

Singer Aubrey O’Day arrives at House of CB Los Angeles on June 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage)

“I said, ‘Well, I have a million followers, are you sure you don’t want to give me an option?’ Then they said I could go get off the plane and buy something," she alleged. "Because I didn’t have any clothes with me. I just had my purse."


O'Day said that after a woman next to her "offered" her shirt, then the notion of her top being turned inside out was brought up, which the airline agreed would be okay, per O'Day.

“Then I say, ‘Just let me sit right there and switch my top inside out with my boobs out on the entire plane,’” O’Day claimed, further alleging: “They were not offended by that at all, but they were offended by the f word.”

She continued: “The person next to me had a naked woman tattooed on his arm, including the pubic hair. And the woman next to me had a Trump shirt on, the man that grabs women by the p—, and is getting impeached, all of that was fine but the f word was not."

O'Day first tweeted about the alleged incident in September, writing: "never have I flown & had the steward treat me like a punished lil child in timeout the entire flight.. including making me undress in front of the entire plane because he didn’t like my shirt & made me turn inside out in order to fly."


At the time, American Airlines told Fox News: "We are reviewing the situation, and have reached out to Ms. O'Day to get more information."

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