Aubrey O’Day Says Donald Trump Jr. Wanted to Have Her Baby in Racy Tweet

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day has been spilling constant tea about her ex Donald Trump Jr., and this new tweet is no exception.

Someone sent Aubrey a not safe for the office tweet, saying, “Aubrey… you’re delusional. Did he ever bring you around his friends or was he just calling you at 2am? Plenty of guys would bang a stripper, but no one is going to marry one or fall “in love” with one. Maybe you just give great head?”

Aubrey then responded, “I definitely give great head.. but he absolutely loved me and was trying to have a baby with me (again, I have receipts), so I’m pretty sure the delusional one here is you.”

See why Aubrey tagged Don Jr. in a tweet just this weekend.

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