Avery Warner Unveils New Face, Looks Unrecognizable to 90 Day Fiance Fans

90 Day Fiance viewers were stunned last year when they learned that Tom Brooks despised Avery Warner.

As the year dragged on, however, a lot of fans started to see where he was coming from.

Avery still has some fans, and one new topic is uniting fans and critics alike.

What in the world did Avery do to her face? She looks totally unrecognizable.

Avery Warner’s romance with Ash Naeck did not work out as either had hoped.

But their time on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days did catapult them both into the spotlight.

And sometimes, people who are suddenly getting a lot of attention from fans feel pressured to get tune-ups.

On Sunday, Avery shared a number of family photos.

In the pictures, her mother was visiting with her and with her daughter, Sylver.

Avery is shown wearing a saffron blouse … but looking entirely unlike herself.

Her hair appears to be a lighter color than before.

Additionally, fans and followers speculate that she received lip fillers.

While some noted her full cheeks and suspected weight gain, others mused about cheek implants or fillers.

Commenters across social media were quick to point out this dramatic change.

“Are you sure? I see nothing of Avery in this chick. Wow,” remarked one Redditor who saw the pic.

Another admitted: “I had to check her instagram because I couldn’t believe this is her.”

“Did get Deavan Special surgery?” another quipped.

Infamously, Deavan Clegg had a disastrous experience with lip fillers in 2019.

Deavan was able to reverse this nightmare with the help of a specialist recommended by Larissa Lima.

Some of Avery’s remaining fans were vocally crushed by her new face.

One decried that her features once had “character and originality.”

These days, critics accused, she now looks “basic” and “generic” like too many others.

Fans are already all too familiar with influencers who augmented their looks and now “can’t move their face,” critics wrote.

Avery clearly didn’t want to hear it, even if it meant blocked out all praise too.

She disabled comments to her Instagram.

As we mentioned, Avery Warner now has fewer fans than she did when her show was airing.

That is not usually the case for recent reality stars, especially not from extremely socially relevant series.

However, Avery has some views that transcend mere political disagreements and fall under categories like “malicious” and “unhinged.”

2020 bore witness to historic civil rights protests — believed to be the largest civil rights protest in history.

Or, in Avery’s mind, it was some sort of reverse-oppression to “terrorize” white people.

We’re not necessarily Ash fans, but reading this … he seriously dodged a bullet.

“We are already all equal,” Avery claimed meaninglessly and without evidence.

“So why is the BLM movement terrorizing and trying to submit white people into oppression,” she alarmingly asked.

“And fighting racism with racism if they believe in equality?” Avery’s clownish comment read. “Wake up.”

There is a label for people who believe and say things like Avery’s comment.

That label is white supremacists.

Whether she simply irrationally believes misinformation or comes up with malicious angles herself makes no difference. Yikes.

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