‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: 1 Couple Has An Emotional Breakup As Another Says ‘I Love You’

One couple completely falls apart, while others become stronger than ever on the Sept. 3 episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Plus, new arrivals shake things up. Here’s our recap!

The Sept. 3 episode of Bachelor in Paradise picks up with Angela in tears over Eric deciding to go on a date with Cassandra, despite previously telling her they were going to be exclusive. Things go well between Cassandra and Eric, but back at the house, Eric’s decision starts causing Colton to have second thoughts about his relationship with Tia. “I don’t think my heart’s in it right now with Tia,” he explains to Kevin. “I feel like, right now, I’m forcing it. I know what she deserves, and she doesn’t deserve somebody who’s not all in.”

Tia, on the other hand, is super confident in her relationship with Colton, and even sees a longterm future with him. Naturally, when Colton pulls Tia aside to explain how he’s feeling, she’s completely blindsided. He reveals that he put his all into the relationship, but simply can’t give her what she deserves. The emotional conversation causes both of them to break down in tears. Tia is devastated by the breakup, but also knows she doesn’t want to be with anyone else in Paradise, so they both decide to go home.

Tia and Colton’s split sends shockwaves through the house. Jenna is especially affected, and worried about something similar happening in her future with Jordan. Jordan does his best to reassure her that he’s invested in their relationship, but she’s definitely still a bit unsure.

After the dramatic day, Eric and Cassandra return from their date, and he blatantly ignores Angela when he gets back into the house. Finally, he pulls her aside to talk things out, and she admits that she was extremely hurt by his decision to go back on his word that he was “all in” with her. However, Eric reveals that he doesn’t feel like Angela’s “all in,” either, because she hasn’t been intimate with him. He admits that he had a great time with Cassandra and wants to pursue a relationship with her. So, Angela takes it in her own hands to let Cassandra know what Eric did, and Cassandra admits that his flip-flopping is a bit of a red flag for her.

Cassandra confronts Eric about the back and forth. She lets him know that she thinks it’s “f***ed up” for him to tell Angela he was “all in” with her, then go back and change his mind after one conversation with Cassandra. “You could’ve approached a lot of things differently,” she tells him. He tries to apologize, but she reveals that the relationship feels “tarnished” and that she’s “turned off” by everything that’s happened.

Things are shaken up even more the next day when Shushanna, from Ben Higgins’ season, and Christen, from Nick Viall’s season, show up. The ladies get cards for a double date, and Shushanna sets her eye on Kamil. He’s currently coupled up with Annaliese, but they mutually agreed to explore other options if the opportunity came, so he agrees to go on a date with Shu. Before leaving, he assures Annaliese that he’s still very into her, and urges her not to get in her head about his decision. She is very easygoing about the situation, and gives him her blessing. Meanwhile, Christen asks John out, and he accepts despite recently going on a date with Olivia.

One couple that isn’t in trouble (at the moment, at least) is Kevin and Astrid. He tells her that he’s falling in love with her, and she lets him know that the feeling is mutual. A bomb is about to hit their relationship, though…because Kevin’s ex, Ashley Iaconetti, shows up in Paradise with her new boyfriend, Jared Haibon — and he proposes to her right in front of everyone! Kevin can’t help but reminisce on his past with Ashley, especially since she cheated on him with Jared, and it puts him in a bit of a funk, leaving Astrid worry about the affect it will have on her relationship with him.

Luckily, Kevin gets the next date card, giving the two a chance to getaway and spend some alone time together. On the date, Astrid and Kevin say “I love you” to each other making them the first couple on this season of Paradise to do so.

Throughout the day, Annaliese grows more and more worried about what’s going on on Kamil’s date. When he returns, he admits to Annaliese that he had a good time, but didn’t feel a connection with Shushanna like he does with her. Obviously, she’s completely relieved. However, John seems a bit more wishy-washy — he kisses both Olivia AND Christen when he gets back from the date. EEK!

At the cocktail party, Chris Harrison throws a major twist to the group — a new arrival is coming JUST before the rose ceremony, so the ladies in jeopardy will have a chance to plead their case to him at the last minute. The new arrival is Jordan from The Bachelor New Zealand, and he obviously has a big decision to make in a very short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Chelsea pulls Kamil aside at the cocktail party, and Annaliese is upset and confused because she thought Chelsea was one of her good friends. Kamil admits to Chelsea that he wish he had time to meet other girls before he got so serious with Chelsea, and Chelsea reports the information back to Annaliese. It all frustrates Annaliese, who’s worried that Chelsea is just getting in Kamil’s head since she’s on the chopping block.

At the rose ceremony, Kevin gives his rose to Astrid, (American) Jordan gives his rose to Jenna, Chris gives his rose to Krystal and Joe gives his rose to Kendall. Then, come the wildcards. Eric chooses Cassandra, (New Zealand) Jordan picks Shushanna, John goes with Olivia, and Kamil decides on Annaliese. That means Chelsea, Christen and Angela are heading home.

However, the night doesn’t end without some more drama. Before leaving, Christen gets nauseous and lightheaded, while Chelsea has trouble catching her breath amidst her tears. We’ll see the aftermath in the Sept. 4 episode!

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