'Bachelorette' Lovebirds Becca Kufrin And Garrett Yrigoyen Reunite In Minnesota After Weekend Apart

Garrett Yrigoyen and Becca Kufrin are together again and now ‘The Bachelorette’ stars are in Minnesota where she lives

The Bachelorette stars Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen may have been pulled in different directions over the weekend due to family events, but it looks like they didn’t stay apart for long. One of Becca’s recent Instagram posts urged Garrett to hurry up and get to Minnesota, as people were anxious to meet him, and it looks like he did just that.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Garrett Yrigoyen and Becca Kufrin had been inseparable since their Bachelorette finale aired, but they did have to split up over the weekend. It looks like they both had bachelor or bachelorette parties to attend for their siblings, but they weren’t away from one another for long.

Becca’s most recent Instagram Stories show that she’s with Garrett and she joked about how Yrigoyen was making friends and her plan was working well. The two were at a restaurant enjoying a pleasant summer day outside and it looks like a friend of Becca’s was along for the fun.

It wasn’t all relaxing and Mexican food for the Bachelorette lovebirds after they reunited though. In Garrett’s Instagram Stories, he shared that he’d squeezed in an intense workout with Becca during his visit. He shared a photo showing him with Becca and personal trainer Kris Keding and he thanked Kris for kicking their butts during a workout.

Always a good time when @bkoof and @gy_yrigoyen come in to put in some work!! ???????? It’s been awhile so I had to kick their butts a little bit lol ????

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Keding also shared the photo via his Instagram page, and it looks like he’s based at the Lifetime Fitness in St. Louis Park, a suburb outside of Minneapolis. He said that it was always a good time when Becca and Garrett came in for a workout and he added that it had been a while, so he had to kick their butts a bit.

Becca replied to Keding’s post, joking that she was still trying to peel herself off the floor, so Keding definitely pushed them hard. Considering that the Bachelorette finale just aired recently, some fans might find Kris’ note a little interesting as it seems he’s definitely spent time with Garrett more than once before the finale aired, despite how the couple had to lay low about their relationship.

As Kufrin and Yrigoyen talked about their relationship during their After the Final Rose special, they noted that they planned to spend some time in both Minnesota and his area of Reno, Nevada, before settling down anywhere together. They have talked about moving to California, but it sounds like that’s still in the works.

So far, it looks like this Bachelorette couple is doing great in transitioning their romance to the real world. Fans are rooting for Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen to make it and they’ll be anxious for updates regarding what they do next and where they decide to settle down together.

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