Is it a coincidence that Kim Kardashian posted a sexy pic right after Beyonce’s ‘Vogue’ cover went live? The BeyHive doesn’t think so! See their hilarious reactions to Kim’s latest pic!

Kim Kardashian has a history of being dragged by Beyonce‘s fans for a peculiar reason. It may be unintentional, but every time Beyonce does something important, Kim seems to post a sexy pic on social media not soon after. It happens like clockwork! The BeyHive isn’t convinced this a coincidence. They firmly believe that Kim’s doing it on purpose! Their latest (alleged) evidence? Just hours after Beyonce’s groundbreaking Vogue cover and interview were revealed, Kim hopped on Twitter and posted a pic of herself in a thong to promote her Yeezy sneakers.

Now sure, posting sexy pics is Kim’s bread and butter. Barely a day goes by when we don’t see her flaunting her incredible body in lingerie, a bikini — or nothing at all. The BeyHive pointed out something significant about this particular pic, though. Those Yeezy sneakers she’s seemingly promoting with the sexy photo? They’re not new! Butter 350 Yeezys have been available for purchase since June 2018. Interesting…

Kim got called out on Twitter for her pic and allegedly trying to steal Beyonce’s thunder on an incredibly important day. “Kim sweetie just log off for the day. Today is about BEYONCE and Vogue. We can promote your husband another days. Thanx hun,” @Mavura123 tweeted. “It never fails. Every time Beyonce does something monumental, Kim has to be like, “Hey look at me!” and the most embarrassing part is that it’s so thinly veiled.”, @MorganJerkins agreed. “Beyoncé: h- Kim Kardashian: here are my boobs,” @sophiabea6 wrote. “

There were actually a lot of memes about Kim’s pic that had nothing to do with Bey. It was all about her pose, which, you had to admit, was kind of strange. Fans mostly compared her to Toy Story characters. You know, when the toys have to fall to the floor and pretend they’re not alive whenever Andy walks into the room. That’s actually spot-on. See more of those hilarious memes HERE!

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