Beyonce's 37th Birthday Reminds Us of How Great She Really Is

Beyonce turns 37 on Tuesday, so we thought we’d serve up 37 of her hottest photos over the years to celebrate the occasion — think of ’em like birthday cupcakes! You’re welcome.

Not that you’d ever forget, but Queen Bey’s been wowing fans for more than 20 years now, and this gallery honors her along every stage of her amazing career. The first Destiny’s Child album dropped back in 1998 … and she’s cranked out 11 more albums, with and without DC, since then.

Beyonce has 22 Grammys under her belt, as a solo artist and with the group, not to mention a plethora of other awards and accolades. Bottom line, she’s done a ton and entertained millions upon millions for a big chunk of her 37 years on the planet. 

That being said … dive into the gallery to pay tribute to Bey on her special day. 

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