Big Brother Recap: And the Final 3 Are…

With a few days left of Big Brother Season 20, Thursday’s episode was all about taking one houseguest out of the equation and leaving us with the final three. 

The episode picked up with JC’s HOH win, and Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler worried about their future in the game for the first time in a while. 

The trio has been winning most of the competitions of late, with JC mostly sitting on the shadows without being ruled a threat. 

JC has been manipulating most of the houseguests for a while now, but he knew that Tyler was conspiring against him when he refused to target Angela or Kaycee for eviction. 

That’s what made his late win so interesting. What would he do to secure his place in the final two? 

In a satisfying nominations ceremony, JC nominated both Angela and Tyler for eviction, meaning there was a huge chance the couple would be split up ahead of the season finale. 

JC’s reasoning that Angela made him feel left out during her most recent HOH reign made sense. He was mostly left out of conversations. 

He noted that he was so close to Angela at the beginning of the game, but their friendship fizzled out as the summer drew on. 

As for Tyler, JC was unimpressed with the way Tyler treated him, primarily because they were supposed to be in an alliance. 

The final veto competition of the summer was the most difficult. The houseguests had to move a ball into a “like” or “dislike” hole based upon the question. 

But the Queen of the POV aka Kaycee secured her fifth veto win of the summer. Yes, really. With that, it meant that she got to decide out of Tyler and Angela who would be getting sent home. 

Before we got to the vote, we picked up with the jury house, and tensions were at an all-time high as the rest of The Hive were sent in, followed by Brett and Sam. 

Bayliegh and Fessy got into it when they debated who played the worst, but all roads led back to Fessy nominating Scottie for eviction. 

While everyone was not impressed with Tyler, Haleigh remained diplomatic, admitting that he played a solid game. 

However, everyone else seemed to think Kaycee stood the best chance of winning because of the lack of blood on her hands, coupled with the competition wins at the end of the season. 

When it came to the time to evict, Kaycee gave a tearful speech in which she said that between herself, Angela, and Tyler, they have won 19 competitions. 

She evicted Angela. Angela was not surprised because she said they were all so close that it was going to be a difficult decision. 

In their eviction messages to Angela, Kaycee and Tyler spilled all about the final two deal they made at the beginning of the season. 

And we have our final three! 

Kaycee, Tyler, or JC will win $500k next Wednesday night. 

Who do you want to win? 

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS. 

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