Big Brother Spoilers: Did Faysal or Haleigh Escape the Block?

Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher will go down as one of Big Brother’s worst showmances. 

It’s been very one-sided, and that’s because Haleigh thought that getting into a relationship with a man she’s known for weeks was absurd. 

For Faysal, he treats Haleigh like they’re a married couple. It’s made for some awkward moments on the live feeds because CBS tends to cut most of the action out. 

As Sunday’s episode of Big Brother concluded, the duo realized that they were actually big targets in the house. Well, Haleigh already figured as much, but Faysal naively assumed they were safe. 

With Angela as Head of Household, she admitted to the duo that she could not make a deal that holds weight with two people who never wanted to work with her before. 

It makes sense. Angela has been so closely tied to her allies all summer long that it would be difficult for her to work with anyone else. 

The veto played out on Saturday, and with the whole house against Faleigh, the chances of either of them winning the veto were pretty dire. 

Kaycee managed to secure the veto win, and given that she is part of the Level Six alliance, she was not going to entertain any deals with the couple. 

Despite pleas, Kaycee opted to keep the nominations the same, meaning that one of them will be leaving the house on Thursday night. 

All hope is not lost for the couple. Thursday’s evictee will face off against Bayliegh, Rockstar, and Scottie in a battle to get back into the house for a second chance at the game. 

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the couple was split up, only to get back together after the battle back? 

It would make for a fun few days on the feeds, especially if there were a safety power thrown in for one of them.

The best bet would be to send Haleigh out because she’s proven that she’s one of the better competitors and has known about the alliance working against her for a while. 

Faysal cannot make a decision when he’s in power, so it would be silly to assume he would change things up now. 

He sent his own ally home on his HOH, so we think it goes without saying that he’s a few tomatoes short of a salad. 

What are your thoughts on the latest spoilers?

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Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.

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