‘Big Brother’ Star, JC Mounduix, Slammed By Fans After He’s Caught ‘Touching’ Tyler Crispen In Bed

And the list just gets longer and longer… JC has been facing so much controversy on this season of ‘Big Brother’ that fans want him off after the latest live feed. Find out what went down!

Really, dude? You would think that with so much backlash under his belt already, Big Brother star JC Mounduix, 28, would be a little more mindful of his actions — especially when there’s a live feed recording his every move! It all started when JC slept in Tyler Crispen‘s bed and wouldn’t stop touching the 23-year-old while he was trying to sleep. From rubbing his face and chest to kissing his armpit, fans were like, hands to yourself! And the next morning when Tyler talked to fellow houseguest Kaycee Clark, he seemed to agree, saying he’d be sleeping alone that night. “You don’t even like cuddling,” Kaycee said. “He’s actually touching you through the night?” Uh, YES.

Some fans were so outraged by the fact that JC was touching Tyler while he was sleeping that they’ve asked for him to be removed from the show, pointing out that if the same situation was televised between a male and a female, there would have been consequences. “To allow JC to basically sexually harass house guests on a regular basis is unexceptionable. HE should be removed from the game. Pulled to the side and explain the consequences to him. He’s molesting Tyler while he sleeps,” one fan tweeted to CBS. Another added, “Just because you’re different from others doesn’t give you the right to harass people.” What do you think?

The fact that JC has been in the middle of multiple controversies in the past really isn’t helping his case. He attempted to put an ice cream scooper on the private areas of male and female houseguests a month ago, and CBS issued a warning to the cast about inappropriate behavior and offensive comments right after. But that didn’t stop JC from touching another woman while she was getting a massage and using the N-word to explain why a different derogatory term was bad.

While hindsight is obviously 20/20, JC hasn’t apologized for any of his actions. So if he does stay on the show, maybe it’s time he starts thinking before acting and speaking — because it’s clear he hasn’t been!

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