Big names are gassed up over West Village ‘serial farter’

After Page Six reported that a “serial farter” has been on the loose in the West Village — seeming to mercilessly crop-dust innocent residents as he passes by — Patricia Arquette admitted her dad was also a faux-flatulence aficionado.

The Hollywood star tweeted in reference to our story: “My father was never without his fart machine. He loved elevators the most.” (Her dad was “The Waltons” star Lewis Arquette.)

Meanwhile, after our story broke (wind), former New York magazine writer Kat Stoeffel posted online, “Breaking my 2+ year twitter silence to share that I was hit by the West Village serial farter last night and he is remorseless.”

Multiple victims told Page Six they suspected the serial farter was using a joke contraption for his prolific work.

A source told us, “My wife and I were walking by Washington Square Park, and the guy passed by and just ripped one, and we both started laughing.”

Credit the Villager for an “ex-lax-clusive” identifying the prankster as “Phil Boucher, a 35-year-old musician” and food-delivery dude who packs a “black rubber ‘Pooter’ device.”

Boucher told the paper: “I’ve been doing it intensely for three years,” but he began the practice almost a decade ago. He menaces Washington Square Park on his delivery downtime “five days a week.”

Page Six noticed he even posts videos of his handiwork on Instagram as @FartFairyNYC.

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