‘Bit the bullet!’ Ruth Langsford sends fans into a frenzy as she gets eyebrows tattooed on

Ruth Langsford says husband Eamonn makes her feel ‘sexy’

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Loose Women panellist Ruth Langsford has taken to Instagram to reveal that she’s finally “bit the bullet” after mulling over a decision for some time now. The wife of GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes, 61, explained that she’d decided to take the plunge and dabble in semi-permanent make-up, as she showed off her newly tattooed eyebrows.

It really didn’t hurt…just a bit scratchy…honestly!

Ruth Langsford

Sharing a five-minute clip of herself at the beautician’s, Ruth addressed her one million followers with a band pushing her hair away from her face.

She captioned the video: “So I finally bit the bullet!

“I’ve been thinking of having my eyebrows tattooed for a while and yesterday I did it!

“Well I didn’t do it…my friend, the very professional and very lovely Naomi, owner of @thelittleparlour did it!

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“If you’ve been thinking about it too, we put together this little video so you can see the process….

“It really didn’t hurt…just a bit scratchy…honestly!

“The technique is called ‘Powder Brows'”, Ruth added, before adding numerous hashtags to end her post.

In the video, Ruth explained the process to her fans.

The former This Morning host said: “Good morning, now, you may be wondering what I’m doing.

“I’m about to have my eyebrows done, semi-permanent make-up,” Ruth explained.

Bringing the camera closer to her face, Ruth said: “So these are my eyebrows, that’s my natural brow, quite fine and quite pale.”

The technician went on to explain the powder brow technique that she was going to use on the ITV star.

Brandishing a tattoo gun, Ruth asked: “Will it hurt?”

“It’s going to get scratchy,” the technician admitted, before explaining that it gets easier as the treatment goes on.

Replying, Ruth said: “But I don’t want big, black slug eyebrows!”

“I’m not going to do the slug look!” the technician replied, before assuring the Loose Women panellist the final result would be “soft and natural”.

Starting the process, Ruth explained that the beautician had “mapped” out her face to ensure symmetrical brows.

The next clip showed the beautician tattooing the TV star’s eyebrows which Ruth described as “scratchy” adding: “It doesn’t really hurt”.

In an update two days later, Ruth told how the redness around her eyes had subsided, adding that she’s “happy” with the shape and had been performing the aftercare as instructed.

In the comments, Ruth’s close friend and Homes Under the Hammer star Lucy Alexander told how she had been influenced by the star’s video, writing: “I want it”, alongside a heart emoji.

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