Cardi B Accused Of Ordering Vicious Attack On 2 Women Out Of Fear Offset Cheated On Her

A second strip club employee has come forward with accusations that Cardi allegedly orchestrated an attack on them. Here’s what we know about their reported run-in.

A second woman is coming forward saying she was the target of an attack allegedly orchestrated by Cardi B. We reported earlier how a woman believed to be a stripper at the club Angel’s Strip Club, Baddie G, in the early morning of Aug. 29. However, another woman has come forward and said she was allegedly targeted as well, according to TMZ. An employee named Jade (both Jade and Baddie G have since claimed that they are not strippers) is not only claiming she was a victim as well, but saying that there have been multiple run-ins with Cardi and her crew.

Jade, Baddie’s sister, claims that Cardi allegedly threatened her repeatedly on Instagram before a run-in in June at an Atlanta hotel, where Jade says Cardi threatened the both of them with physical violence after claiming that they had slept with Offset — something they have both denied.

The next altercation reportedly happened on Aug. 15, when Jade received a warning that Cardi had allegedly orchestrated an attack on them at Angel’s Strip Club. On that night, five people — all allegedly associated with Cardi — allegedly attacked Jade, grabbing her hair, punching her and striking her with an ashtray.

The following, and latest, incident happened on the morning of Aug, 29, as we’ve reported earlier. Jade claims that Jade and Baddie were face-to-face again with Cardi, and that her team allegedly threw bottle and chairs at them. Since the altercations, Jade and Baddie have lawyered up with Joe Tacopina, who is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against Cardi. In addition, Jade and Baddie are both filing police reports against Cardi. However, neither Jade nor Baddie are claiming that Cardi personally attacked them. However, they do say she yelled, “I’m blood I’ll f**k you bitches up!” We’ve reached out to Cardi’s rep for comment.

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