Cardi B and Offset Celebrate Valentine's Day With Matching Wedding Date Tattoos

For a new episode of her Facebook Watch show, Cardi Tries, uploaded on Friday, rapper Cardi B was given the chance to try out tattooing for the first time. Her husband Offset was willing to let her experiment on him and all in the name of love. She shared a little promo for the story on Instagram.

“Hey guys, I’m going to do something crazy for Valentine’s Day for my husband,” she explained in a clip. “I’m going to give him a tattoo, you know, I wanna do something really special, so make sure you guys check out this episode where me and Set are getting tatted.”

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In the episode, Cardi surprises Offset with the news that she wants them to get matching ink as they walk into the tattoo parlor. The second surprise was she’d be the one holding the needle.

“You’re supposed to trust me – I’m your wife!” Cardi insists.

Offset jokingly replies, “I trust you, but baby, you don’t know how to draw.”

The artist guiding Cardi B in the experiment is actually Offset’s main tattoo artist, Nico Hurtado. She also takes a few practice runs on synthetic skin, before finally being allowed to use her newfound skills on her husband. In the end, she wrote their wedding date on his hand: 9/20/17.

Cardi was pleased with the results, announcing, “Actually, I did pretty good! What can I not do? I could do everything. Like, I could put my mind to something and I can really do it!”

But fair is fair, and Offset then got to tattoo his wife, using the same date for her hand, of course. It was the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for a very brave, bold couple with talent for anything.

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