Carole Radziwill Feuds With RHONY Fans Who Accuse Her of Bullying Bethenny Frankel

Carole Radziwill has been going back and forth with fans on Twitter about whether or not she was a bully to Bethenny Frankel on ‘RHONY.’ We’ve got the heated exchanges.

Nothing good ever comes from Twitter wars, especially if it is stars engaging with their fans. Despite announcing she’s leaving Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill is now feuding with fans over whether or not she bullied enemy Bethenny Frankel on the show. “Let’s stop using the word bully. These women are getting paid a lot more of money to be on this show. It’s a choice. When children are getting bullied in schools or People for being different are harassed. That’s bullying @CaroleRadziwill @Andy @Bravotv,” one fan tweeted to her on Aug. 30.

“I get your point but don’t belittle what is happening here…obvs I can handle it but kids need to know…..mocking someone and talking over a person is an intimidation technique. I.e. Bullying 101. If they learn to stand up against that the bully won’t be quick to escalate it,” she replied while retweeting the original comment. Carole, 55, called Bethenny a bully during part two of the reunion show which aired on Aug. 29. “All you did this season was bully, brag and bitch,” she told the Skinnygirl founder. “That was it.” Andy Cohen then pointed out how Carole dissed Bethenny, 47, in her blogs so it was a two way street between them.

“You need to think carefully about the word bully. You haven’t been bullied at all. You both don’t like each other. You both said hurtful things. Move on. Don’t undermine others that have had their lives ruined by bullying by saying what has happened with you and Bethenny is bullying,” another fan tweeted to Carole and yet again, she took the bait. But this time she tried to make it an issue much bigger than herself.

“No I disagree. We need to call out even the smallest infractions as bullying. Only this way we can change the dynamic. Just like the #metoo movement is calling out ALL inappropriate actions. Men will pause next time they reach for a girls shoulders to rub. Change happens slowly…” she wrote.

“Nothing a bully hates more than being exposed. Bullies r green with jealousy, filled w/ disproportionate hate & thin skinned. Conceding for them is not an option. Even when the bully is caught in a lie after lie the rule is deny, deny, deny. If they admit wrong all power is lost,” another fan wrote to her and Carole believed it to be a positive comment and agreed with it saying simply “Yes” while retweeting the message. Oh man, we can’t wait for part three of the reunion special next week as it will be the last time Carole and Bethenny will be able to go at it in person, since Carole has now left RHONY.

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