CBB 2018: Viewers baffled after spotting THIS about Roxanne Pallett

Celebrity Big Brother star Roxanne Pallett has divided fan opinion after her dramatic entrance into the house last night.

Viewers were left confused after noticing that the actress, 35, was wearing her engagement ring on the wrong hand, as she flashed a sparkler on her right hand instead of her left.


Baffled fans soon took to Twitter to question why she was sporting her rock like this.

One wrote: ‘Why is Roxanne’s engagement ring on her right hand?! #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother.’

Another added: ‘Roxanne is so engaged she is wearing her engagement ring on the wrong hand #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother.’

A third wrote: ‘#cbb Somebody tell Roxanne that engagement ring is on the wrong finger….Bloody Hilarious.’

Roxanne’s partner Lee Walton popped the question just one week after the pair met in a pub.

He didn’t have a ring at the time, so the pair got matching tattoos on their wedding fingers – which explains why Roxanne now chooses to wear her engagement ring on her right hand so that she can see her tattoo. So now you know!

Confusion over Roxanne’s engagement ring came after she was slated for her ‘fake’ entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

Shnukkums… ?

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After the former Emmerdale actress appeared extremely nervous and licked her finger to wipe away a mark on her top as she walked down the stairs into the house, fans were convinced she was putting on an act.

‘Roxanne Pallett had the most stage-managed entrance I’ve ever seen. Rubbing a non-existent stain doesn’t make you seem vulnerable. #CBB,’ one fan Tweeted.

Another joked: ‘You can tell Roxanne is an actress #CBB.’

A third added: ‘That was the fakest thing I’ve ever seen, I actually just cringed #Roxanne #CBB.’

Sounds like Roxanne is already causing a stir!

Words by Robyn Morris

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