Chris Watts Plea For Pregnant Wife and Daughters Was ‘Fake’ & ‘Contrived,’ Body Language Expert Says

Before allegedly confessing to killing his pregnant wife and daughters, Chris Watts made a video plea for their return — and a body language expert tells HollywoodLife why it was obvious the 33-year-old was lying.

Chris Watts was arrested for three counts of first degree murder and three counts of tampering with a deceased human body in the deaths of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, 34, and their two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, on Aug. 16. He allegedly confessed to police that he killed Shanann and the girls, and he is currently being held without bail as he awaits the reading of his formal charges in court. However, just two days before his arrest, Chris made a public plea for the safe return of his family, and a body language expert says it was clear from his demeanor that he wasn’t being truthful in the video message.

“He is shrugging his shoulders, which shows he was lying,” Dr. Lillian Glass tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Chris demonstrates his phoniness because he is talking too much and giving too much information. He smiles and chuckles during the plea, which is very contrived and also reveals he is being fake. Chris is showing inappropriate facial responses for what’s really going on in this situation, where his wife and two children were missing at the time. He has his arms crossed at one point. The bottom line is, he’s closing off because he knows he’s don something bad.”

At the time of Chris’ video plea, Shanann and the girls were still considered missing people. However, Shanann’s dead body was found on a property near where Chris used to work on Aug. 16. Hours later, police say they found two bodies that they believe to be of Celeste and Bella, although they have not confirmed the identities yet.

Police first checked into this situation on Aug. 13 around 1:00 p.m., when a friend grew concerned that she hadn’t heard from Shannan, and an official endangered missing alert was put out on Aug. 14. Shanann had returned from a work trip in the early hours of Aug. 14, and in his initial interview, Chris claimed he saw her before he went to work that morning, around 5:00 a.m. He also admitted to having an “emotional conversation” with Shanann when he last saw her.

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