Countess Sophie wore Erdem for the Royal Variety Show: unflattering or nice?

The Royal Variety show is an annual fundraiser for the Royal Variety Charity, a fundraiser which raises money (through ticket sales) for retired entertainers or entertainers in poor health. Queen Elizabeth was patron of the charity, but it’s currently without a royal patron. Which brings me to my theory that King Charles is going to “give” the Earl and Countess of Wessex a few high-profile patronages, just enough to keep them on a leash, all while refusing to give them any kind of title upgrade. I suspect that Edward and/or Sophie will be made the new patron(s) of this charity.

Last night, the Wessexes were the “guest royals” for the Royal Variety Show. Considering this is supposed to be one of the most glamorous and A-list nights on the royal calendar, you would have thought that… I don’t know, maybe Sophie would have gone more glam? I know none of the “working royal” women can actually DO glam. So Sophie wore a perfectly fine Erdem dress with sleeves. I’m holding two contradicting thoughts at once: this look is frumpy and unflattering on Sophie, and I also kind of like the dress. It’s the perfect dress for when you don’t want to go body-con and you just want to be comfortable at a black-tie event. I also think she could have zazzed it up with bigger jewelry and a tighter chignon.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red, David Parry / Avalon.

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