Democrats Are Calling For A Boycott Of In-N-Out Because They Recently Donated To The GOP

First they came for my Chick-Fil-A and I did not speak out (because it’s not available in my region), then they came for my Papa John’s and I did not speak out (because, gross), then they came for my In-N-Out and I was like, whoa, let’s not lose our heads here! LA Magazine reports that the Irvine, CA based burger chain is facing a boycott because it was revealed that they recently made a sizable donation to the Republican Party. Anybody who’s surprised in the least by this revelation probably doesn’t even know about the secret menu and that you can ask them to fry them floppy little french fries extra hard.

LA Mag says that a Washington D.C based journalist (so, probably never had a Double Double animal-style, hold the sauce, in his whole dang life) named Gabe Schneider found the $25,000 donation to the California Republican Party in the public records and shared his finding on Twitter.

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