Denise Welch husband: Who is Denise’s husband Lincoln?

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The Loose Women stars often speak openly about their personal lives as they discuss different topics. Today (Monday, August 31) saw Denise Welch break down in tears after fellow Loose Women panellist Kelle Bryan opened up on living with lupus. But what is known of Denise’s personal life away from the show?

Who is Denise’s husband Lincoln?

Denise’s husband Lincoln Townley is a contemporary artist as well as a PR manager.

The couple tied the knot in 2013 in a “fairytale” wedding ceremony.

Talking of their marriage to HELLO!, Denise said: “This is about being together forever.

Denise Welch breaks down in tears over Loose Women co-star

“There’s no one who can make me happier. This is my fairytale.”

Lincoln also told the magazine of how he as never met anyone like Denise.

He said: “My most brilliant achievement was persuading Denise to marry me.

“I turned 40 last year, and I have never met anyone like Denise, never been close to anyone like her, never loved anyone like I do Denise.

“We have a very unique connection, and I wanted to grasp it with both hands. I’ve never felt it before. I am proud to call Denise, my wife.”

Denise has previously spoken candidly of what they get up to behind closed doors.

In her Closer column in 2018, Denise said: “I read a survey the other day that said sex is supposed to be better than ever in your 60s – and with my 60th coming up in May, I thought that was fantastic news.

“I’m not afraid to tell my partner what I want. When you’re young, you don’t want to speak out so much.

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“I was more of a people pleaser, but now I’m not. Plus, it helps that my husband is 15 years younger than me!”

Denise has previously spoken of her age gap with Lincoln on Loose Women.

Last year while discussing age gaps in relationships after the premiere of BBC Drama Gold Digger, Denise spoke of her own relationship with Lincoln.

The BBC series explored the relationship of a wealthy woman who falls in love with a younger man.

Denise told the panel: “Well obviously I’m in one. I did watch it.

“My enjoyment was based on the fact the key character is 60 years old, a year younger than me, and is seen as an attractive older woman having hot steamy shower sex and as an actress you find most roles for women of 60 or 61 put you in the grandmother role, are sexless.

“I am in an age-gap relationship of 15 years, Carol McGiffin is 22 years older than Mark [Cassidy] and we’re both in very happy relationships.”

She later added: “Lincoln has always been into older women, he’s had older than me, I’m like a spring chicken in our house.”

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