Dijon Kizzee Family Reveals Independent Autopsy Results

Dijon Kizzee‘s family and legal team are announcing results of an independent autopsy, ordered after the family felt the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. “attempted to justify his killing.”

Dijon’s family will join civil rights attorney Ben Crump — along with co-counsel Dale Galipo and Carl Douglas — during a press conference at 3 PM PT to reveal and discuss their findings … and TMZ will stream it live in this post.

The lawyers are also expected to respond to last week’s claim by the Sheriff’s Dept. that its investigation determined Kizzee picked up a loaded pistol that had fallen to the ground just before deputies fatally shot him on Aug. 31.

The LASD previously requested a security hold on Kizzee’s county autopsy, which suggests the report won’t be released until the Sheriff’s Dept. has completed its investigation, which remains open.

As we’ve reported … protests erupted following Kizzee’s killing and have been ongoing in L.A. this month, resulting in multiple confrontations and arrests.

Video of the incident shows Kizzee — who was initially stopped for an alleged vehicle code violation while riding a bicycle — getting into a physical altercation with a cop, before deputies shot him multiple times as he ran away.

Cops say a handgun allegedly belonging to Kizzee was recovered at the scene. Crump has argued that even if Kizzee possessed a gun during the altercation, he didn’t point it at them and was not a threat by the time he was running away.

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