Diona Reasonover: 5 Things To Know About New ‘NCIS’ Star After Pauley Perrette Surprise Exit

Congrats to Diona Reasonover on her new gig! Here’s all you need to know about the actress joining the NCIS cast this fall.

We were all shook when Pauley Perrette announced her sudden exit from NCIS, after allegedly facing several “assaults” on set. While fans thought the drama was to blame for Pauley’s departure, the star said that wasn’t the case! “It was a decision made last year,” she revealed to fans on Twitter back in 2017. Now, with Diona Reasonover taking over the show’s starring role, we’re filling you in on all the things you should know about the new cast member.

1. Before joining the NCIS cast full-time, Diona was a recurring guest star. The 26-year-old actress made her debut on the show as character Kasie Hines, a grad student and forensic scientist. Following this, she was hired as a temporary replacement to Pauley Parrette, but her role has now been deemed permanent.

2. She comes from humble beginnings! There was a time that Diona was just a normal college student figuring out life just like the rest of us. The actress attended Oberlin College in Ohio, where she attempted to get her big break by training with local improv groups.

3. Diona’s initial acting gigs came from Craigslist. At first, acting was something Diona did just for some side cash! She actually found her earliest jobs via Craigslist, before starting to take her career more seriously.

4. She previously appeared in the TBS sitcom, ClippedDoes Diona look familiar? You might have seen her show off her acting chops during her stint on Clipped. Diona played the role of Charmaine on the show, which served as her very first gig in a recurring role.

5. She used to impersonate celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Diona is one funny lady! She even used to impersonate her favorite stars as part of her improv skits. Whoopi Goldberg also made the list.

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