Famed matrimonial lawyer William Beslow is being sued for malpractice in New York Supreme Court by Wendy Flom, after winning her a multimillion dollar award in her divorce from music mogul Jason Flom.

Jason founded Lava Records and made a fortune, working with Lorde and Jessie J.

The couple, who have a 23-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son, had a 15-day divorce trial in 2014, but Wendy is appealing the outcome. Her complaint against Beslow and his colleagues alleges: “Beslow’s arrogant behavior of ignoring every court order, filing late, appearing late for every court appearance and angering the court” prejudiced her case in the divorce. Wendy claims that Beslow’s negligence “caused her millions of dollars in monetary losses and damages.”

Beslow specializes in combating billionaires on behalf of scorned women. He repped Demi Moore versus Ashton Kutcher, Linda Evangelista versus French fashion mogul François-Henri Pinault, Marla Maples versus Donald Trump, and Patricia Duff versus Ronald Perelman.

But Beslow is known for his hot temper. As alleged in Flom’s complaint, he apologized to the judge in a post-trial brief for failing to “uniformly demonstrate equanimity” during the trial.

“It was too late,” said one insider.

Beslow told me, “Mrs. Flom’s allegations against me, my firm and its attorneys lack merit. All of the substantive allegations have been denied and are being actively and vigorously defended.”

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