'Doc Martin' Star Martin Clunes Stars In 'Vanity Fair'

Clunes gives a rare and open interview about life

Martin Clunes, best known in the United States as Dr. Martin Ellingham in the series, Doc Martin, recently sat down to do a Proust-style questionnaire interview, sharing many high and low points of his life in advance of the premiere of his new drama, Vanity Fair. Clunes is wrapping up his last two seasons shooting Doc Martin in Cornwall with his cast of over 10 years.

The Guardian’s Rosanna Greenstreet jumped right in and asked the comic actor when he was the happiest, and he said it was for sure on family holidays.

“On childhood family holidays in Mallorca, with my mum, dad and sister, Amanda.”

Clunes lost his father, actor Alec Clunes, at age 8, and it was so traumatizing that it led to his most embarrassing experience of his life.

“Starting to wet the bed at boarding school after my dad died. It went on into my early teens and was a nightmare for me – and the rest of the dormitory.”

Martin Clunes was then asked what is the most expensive purchase he’s ever made aside from land or a house.

“[I bought] a bespoke wagonette I had made in Germany; I drive a pair of Clydesdale horses called Ronnie and Bruce.”

When asked what he most dislikes about his appearance, he answers that he dislikes everything, which segues to the question of the worst thing that anyone had ever said to the Doc Martin actor.

“Someone I used to share a flat with said: ‘God, you’re ugly’.”

He said if someone famous had to play him in the story of his life, it would have to be Scarlett Johansson, because “we’ve got the same mouth!”

Greenstreet then asked Clunes what the worst job was that he ever had, and he had trouble naming just one.

“[I was] a kitchen porter at some big telecom office in Wimbledon. I was also a kitchen porter at L’Escargot and, while I was there, a model for Gilbert and George. It was a quick £15 and they were terribly nice.”

Clunes explains that his most unappealing habit is drinking, which led him to mention his closest brush with the law.

“A long time ago, I failed a breathalyzer test and was banned for a year [from driving].”

Starting tomorrow night, Martin Clunes will make his debut in the series Vanity Fair playing Sir Pitt Crawley on ITV and Amazon Prime. Radio Times says the cast is star-studded.

“Martin Clunes is set to star as the villainous aristocrat Sir Pitt Crawley, while Tom Bateman will play the role of the empty-headed cavalry officer Captain Rawdon Crawley. Charlie Rowe is taking on the part of the ‘luckless soldier’ George Osborne.”

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