Doja Cat Posts Alarming Tweets After Called Out by Paraguayan Fans

The ‘Need to Know’ hitmaker declares, ‘Everything is dead to me,’ and changes her Twitter name to ‘I quit’ after she’s heavily criticized for apparently ignoring her Paraguayan fans

AceShowbizDoja Cat is once again dealing with online haters and she is fed up with it. The rapper/singer has left her fans concerned after posting alarming tweets following her rants on the micro-blogging site.

On Thursday, March 24, Doja, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, expressed her remorse for not giving “a good enough show” following her performance in Brazil. “I don’t think I gave Brazil a good enough show tonight at all and I’m sorry for that but thank you guys for coming out I f**king love you and thank god we got another show tomorrow I promise I’ll do better,” she vowed.

This didn’t sit well with many of her Paraguayan fans, who compared her interaction with her Brazilian fans to those in Paraguay. “You made us feel empty,” one critic claimed, while another blasted her as “public enemy number one.”

Catching wind of this, Doja quickly responded by simply replying, “I’m not sorry.” After a slew of other negative tweets, the “Say So” hitmaker ranted about everything being “dead” to her and declared she “quit.”

“It’s gone and i don’t give a f**k anymore i f**kin quit i can’t wait to f**king disappear and i don’t need you to believe in me anymore,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and i’m a f**king fool for ever thinking i was made for this this is a f**king nightmare unfollow me.”

The 26-year-old star also posted, “This s**t ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care,” before changing her Twitter name to “I quit.”

Doja Cat declared she ‘quit’ after being called out by her Paraguayan fans.

Many have since come to Doja’s defense, with one fan writing, “is stan twt goal to bully the artist to the point that they can feel bad and disappear from the platform? y’all did this to ariana, kehlani and now doja. please grow out of this mean girl fantasy and touch some grass.”

“Absolutely not babe the game needs you,” another pleaded with Doja to not quit music. A third echoed the sentiment, “Y’ALL GONNA LEAVE MY BABY DOJA ALONE, TF???” Someone else added, “from what i’ve gathered from everything so far, she has every right to be upset?? it is literally not her fault whatsoever that this storm happened and why would anyone in their right mind risk their safety as well as doja’s just to stand outside of her hotel IN A STORM.”

However, some others pointed out that the problem was not the canceled show, but because Doja didn’t come out to greet her fans who had been waiting for her outside her hotel. “Y’all don’t understand why Paraguayans are mad for. It’s not because she never went outside to say hi, it’s because she had the nerve of calling them out for not being there when she was leaving. When they actually were there and get ignored idk what’s not understandable,” one person said.

Another slammed her, “bye. And don’t come back if you’re always going to feel superior and treat people like that. Fame comes and goes but being a conscious and diligent person is forever even after having this kind of influence. Not hate,” while one other accused Doja of “playing victim and manipulating the situation.”

Regarding her lack of interaction with fans in Paraguay, Doja previously tweeted, “There was a storm in Paraguay, the show got canceled. When I left the next morning, there wasn’t one person outside the hotel waiting for me. Let that sink in.”

She also added about her show which was canceled due to a storm, “I regret spending all the time I did getting ready that day for the show I’ve been busting my a** every day to put on for you but god bless.”

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