Dolly Parton Sweetly Pays Tribute To Olympia Dukakis Following Her Death

Dolly Parton is counting herself as one of the lucky ones after hearing of Olympia Dukakis‘ passing at the age of 89 over the weekend.

The 75-year-old singer starred with Olympia in 1989′s Steel Magnolias.

“I was so sorry to hear that Olympia Dukakis had passed away,” she shared in a statement to Today. “She has been one of my favorite people that I have ever known or worked with.”

Dolly added, “I really got very close to her and felt like we were good friends. Even though I didn’t get to see her much, I thought of her often and knew that she was such a quality human being. She will be missed by her fans, her family, and those of us that were lucky enough to get to know her personally.”

Another of Olympia‘s Steel Magnolias co-stars, Sally Field, also shared her tribute on Twitter.

Many other stars are paying tribute to Olympia following her death. Read the tweets here…

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