Drake Surprises Crowd With Travis Scott Performance During Toronto Concert — Shading Nicki Minaj?

Travis Scott made a surprise appearance at Drake’s Toronto concert amidst his feud with Nicki Minaj — is this Drake’s way of letting us know he’s #TeamTravis?! Watch the performance here.

For the first time ever, Drake and Travis Scott performed their song, “Sicko Mode,” live! Drizzy surprised fans at his Aug. 21 Toronto concert by bringing Trav out as a special guest, and the crowd went wild as the guys collaborated onstage. This epic performance came one day after Travis appeared and performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, where he made major headlines because of his feud with Nicki Minaj, who was also in attendance. The two managed to avoid each other at the show, but Travis wasn’t shy about calling her out onstage.

Let’s back up a minute, though. The drama between Nicki and Travis began when Nicki took to Twitter to rant about Travis beating her for having the No. 1 album on the Billboard charts. She felt the decision was made unfairly since a copy of Travis’ album was included in his tour merchandise sale, which his very famous girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, promoted on Twitter. Basically, Nicki felt that Travis wouldn’t have gotten nearly as many album sales if it wasn’t for Kylie, and she called him out for it on social media.

Travis stayed quiet on Twitter and Instagram, but when he hit the stage at the VMAs, he shouted out, “Astroworld number one!” to make sure Nicki knew who really had the No. 1 album. Nicki had left the show by this point, but Travis’ message was definitely heard loud and clear.

Meanwhile, Drake and Nicki are longtime friends, but the timing of his performance with Travis certainly makes it seem like he’s taking sides in this new hip-hop battle. However, Drake and Nicki were just hanging out together at the beginning of August, so it’s likely he’s really staying impartial as his pals continue to duke it out.

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