Dua Lipa Jumps in Jimmy Kimmel’s Bed Wearing Only Tight Shorts and Cropped Tee

First it was Rihanna. Then Britney Spears. And then Miley Cyrus. But a day ago it was Dua Lipa’s turn to prank Jimmy Kimmel.

With a little encouragement from Jimmy’s wife, Dua Lipa and her backup dancers showed up in the middle of the night at Jimmy Kimmel’s house. Then, while Jimmy was still sleeping, Dua Lipa and her crew woke the late night host by re-enacting the blackout dance-party scene from Silk City’s “Electricity” video.

Dua Lipa later was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio, where she performed a live version of “Electricity.”

Below we have videos of Dua Lipa’s late night prank and “Electricity” performance, as well as the earlier appearances of Rihanna, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus in Jimmy’s bedroom.

(Image source: Dua Lipa Instagram account)


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