Dwayne Johnson tries to get his daughter to say ‘Daddy’s the best’ and she says ‘Mother!’

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Inevitably, once children start talking, adults try to get them to say certain things. Often, it’s the adults’ names, but sometimes it might be a phrase that the child is starting to hear and trying to use. Dwayne Johnson is no exception. He is the father of three daughters: Simone (18), Jasmine (4), and Tiana (1). For International Women’s Day this past Sunday, he posted a really sweet video of himself with Tiana, in which he encouraged her to say kind things about herself. That’s above and here’s what he wrote, which was sweet.

The world will one day hear from you too, my strong little love.
And I can’t promise you I’ll love you for the rest of your life, but you have my word I’ll love and protect you for the rest of mine.

He asks her if she can say, “I’m a pretty girl,” and Tiana repeats the phrase. He agrees with her and then says, “Even more importantly than that, can you say, ‘I’m an awesome girl’?” He also asks her to say, “I’m a smart girl,” “I’m a very smart girl,” and “I can do anything.” Tiana adorably repeats a word or two each time. After, Dwayne checks to see where his wife, Lauren Hashian, is (“Where’s your mother?”), and asks Tiana to say, “‘Daddy’s the best!’” Tiana repeats it, and then exclaims, “‘MOTHER!’” Dwayne jokingly tells her, “‘Well, no, not ‘Mother.’ You’re ruining the thing!”

Tiana is so cute! (I only now just realized that he has two daughters who are named after Disney princesses.) Dwayne’s note about loving her for the rest of his life is so lovely. He adores his daughters, his wife, and his mom. He also posted photos with Jasmine, Simone, and his aunt Dorothy. I love reading stories about him, as he genuinely seems like a great guy. I will also admit to willingly watching Baywatch more than once. No shame.

Pōmaikaʻi Blessed, strong and the world will hear from you one day. #internationalwomensday #fatherdaughter #jasminej

Respect the ground you walk, protect the name you carry and blaze your own @wwenxt @wwe path. Proud of you and as you go down the road, I’ll always have your back. #internationalwomensday #fatherdaughter #simonej

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