Emily Ratajkowski Shares Revealing String Bikini Pic To Instagram From Sardinia

The famous actress and fashion runway model strutted her stuff atop a yacht in a social media share.

Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski has become one of the most popular names on social media platform Instagram as of late, often taking to the service to post revealing pictures and videos that flaunt her flawless physique to the adoration of her legion of admirers. Over 19 million followers stay tuned in with the @emrata profile, with each provocative post drawing thousands upon thousands of comments from fans across the world.

Her most recent share to Instagram, a short video clip in which the American model and actress lightly teases the audience from the deck of a yacht, has attracted over 1 million likes in approximately a single hour as of the writing of this article. The latest share is the latest in a line of similarly styled posts made by Ratajkowski as she capitalizes on her own assets as well as the beautiful landscapes and vistas surrounding her as she travels the world in impeccable style.

Wearing a barely-there high-waisted string bikini fashioned from what appears to be lace or a similar delicate fabric, Ratajkowski clutches the support cables tying the deck of the yacht to what viewers might assume to be a mainmast, coyly looking backwards over her slight shoulders towards the camera. A firm breeze tousles her trademark raven locks — and introduces some buffeting background noise into the video clip — as it stirs up the gentle waves breaking about the boat.

Large hoop earrings complete the luxurious look, adding a sense of grand class to the proceedings. Ratajkowski’s golden complexion stands out in striking contrast, back-grounded by a cerulean blue sky dotted by thin cirrus clouds. An island appears as a thin wedge of land in the distance, with a speedboat breaking surf as it heads towards terra firma.

Loves a boat @inamorataswim

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Many commentators on the short clip focus on Ratajkowski’s physical appearance and attractiveness, with many more simply taking the time to politely compliment the model and to wish they were sharing the day with her. Languages from English to Spanish to French appear intermingled, with several other languages joining them in frame.

Ratajkowski had the snap taken while sailing about on a yacht with Jordan Barrett and a few other friends in the waters surrounding Sardinia according to the Daily Mail. The polka dot bikini she was spotted in and had shared amongst her followers on social media belongs to her own Inamorata Swim collection, in particular the “Neptune” design. While the bottoms are currently sold out, the tops remain in stock.

Competitors offer similar polka dot styled swimsuits, the most common designers offering the patterning being Urban Outfitters, Montce Swim, Rhythm, and Misguided.

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