Erika Jayne looks downcast after explosive RHOBH reunion teaser

Erika Jayne ditches her glam look for sweatpants as she appears makeup free and downcast running errands in unclean Range Rover… after THAT explosive RHOBH reunion teaser

  • Jayne, 50, was pictured in LA on Tuesday looking downcast
  • The sighting comes after she was grilled on upcoming RHOBH teaser 
  • She’s asked about estranged husband Tom Girardi’s embezzlement scandal 
  • Jayne sobs but appears to stumble over her answers in the clip
  • She also calls Sutton Stracke a ‘c***’ in another shocking moment 
  • Giardi, 82, has been accused of embezzling cash meant for plane crash victims 
  • The four-part reunion will air Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 8pm on Bravo 

Earlier this week it was revealed that Erika Jayne has been subjected to a brutal grilling by Andy Cohen on the upcoming, four-part reunion show for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And the 50-year-old reality star – who claims to have ‘zero dollars’ to her name – was pictured looking downcast on Tuesday, as she stepped out running errands in Los Angeles.

Erika’s estranged husband Tom Girardi, 82, has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars meant for plane crash victims, and as a result, both have had to give up their lavish lifestyles.

Picture of a (fallen) reality star: Erika Jayne looks downcast running errands in her unclean Range Rover on Tuesday… as explosive RHOBH reunion teaser was revealed this week 

‘I can’t control what Tom Girardi did’: Erika Jayne cried while being GRILLED by Andy Cohen in an explosive teaser for RHOBH reunion which was released on Wednesday 

Jayne once famously employed $40K-a-month glam quad to keep her looking like a pop star, but that has all gone now that she’s been asked to pay back an alleged $25million loan from her ex Girardi.  

She was pictured without make-up looking glum, with her usually silky platinum blonde locks tied up in a messy bun. 

Her Range Rover vehicle also appeared to be covered in dust as she headed out around the affluent areas of Beverly Hills.  

Difference: Jayne, 50, once famously employed $40K-a-month glam quad to keep her looking like a pop star

Wash: Erika – who was allegedly paid $25million in expenses by her ex – was seen driving an unclean Range Rover around Los Angeles 

Sad: The reality star appeared to be in a downbeat mood the same week the explosive teaser was aired 

Meanwhile, Jayne shared the clip from the upcoming reunion show herself on Wednesday with the caption: ‘The champ is here. Me.’

Yet, it seems as though it is Jayne who is taking most of the hits, as she’s heard talking about Girardi, 82, and appears to say: ‘You know what, I can’t control what Tom Girardi did.’ 

‘We’re going to put you on a skewer – and I’m going to fire up the barbecue,’ Cohen tells Jayne unceremoniously, making it clear that he’s going to ask her tough questions about the alleged scam. 

Weight of the world on her shoulders? It seemed as though her ongoing issues could be weighing on the star’s mind as she appeared downcast 

In the firing line: Fans will be seeing Erika grilled by Andy Cohen on the upcoming RHOBH reunion show 

Dressed down: The usually glam star was seen makeup free and in sweatpants as she stepped out 

Running errands: The RHOBH was pictured running daily errands while dressed down 

‘Why didn’t you leave Tom sooner?’ Cohen asks – referencing Girardi’s woes, as he is accused of embezzling millions of dollars that were meant for plane crash victims. 

To that question, it appears Jayne simply fires back with: ‘Where was I going?’ 

While the clip is heavily edited down into a short teaser – it is clear that Cohen gets into Jayne’s financial issues as he tells her ‘I know what you make on this show.’

After claiming she has ‘zero dollars’ to her name – while guzzling champagne with Kyle Richards on a luxury vacation – it appears that Cohen is now fact-checking her financial claims.

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Sparks flying: It kicks off when Jayne, 51, is heard talking about Girardi, 82, as she appears to say: ‘You know what, I can’t control what Tom Girardi did’ 

Facing tough questions: This is the moment where it appears Jayne stumbles over her answer as she asked directly about the embezzlement scandal 

Sobbing: It ends with the reality star crying, as tears start rolling down her face 

The subject of money appears to get Jayne riled up as she responds, ‘hold on!’ when Cohen brings up her RHOBH salary.

Cohen then says: ‘He’s having multiple affairs, yet as we know, he put $20million and more into your account.’

At that point, Jayne is seen shaking her head as she tries to interject with a denial, saying: ‘No.’ 

Shots fired: Andy is clearly not letting her off the hook during this reunion 

Oh he’s going there: Andy appears to be fact-checking Erika after she said she had ‘zero dollars’ as the Bravo host says to her, ‘I know what you make on the show’ 

Reaction: Erika gets emotional and angry during the very explosive teaser 

Defending herself: Erika is seen trying to interject with denials as Andy goes in for the kill 

This refers to claims by Jayne that Girardi was being unfaithful to her during their 21-year-marriage, which she has hinted is the reason for their split – rather than the embezzlement drama. 

Things really get tense when Cohen asks the group: ‘Who believes that Erika did not know anything about what Tom was doing?’

An incensed Jayne then rages: ‘Can someone please back me the f*** up on what I am saying?’  

Shocking confessions: Kylie Richards’ face says it all as Erika appears to stumble over her words 

Round table from hell: Erika makes it clear that she expects her fellow housewives to back her up 

How it started: At one point, it appears as though Erika is heard saying, ‘I can’t control what Tom Girardi did’ 

And another thing: Erika goes to town getting her point across, but gets angry and emotional when she realises not all of the housewives are on her side 

However, Cohen goes further: ‘You were manipulating the narrative by saying the cognitive decline started three years ago…,’ but she cuts him off stating: ‘That’s not true… Again, here you are looking at me rolling your eyes.’ 

Cohen then pointedly says: ‘It lands differently when there are air crash victims.’ 

But the clip all boils down to Cohen asking Jayne: ‘Have you asked him if he did it?’

No show? Erika says that despite rumors she would be a no show at the reunion, she will of course be attending 

You’re in for a grilling: Lisa Rinna chats to her friend Erika about whether she will face the music 

Ready for battle: Erika seems confident that she should absolutely be present at the reunion 

This is where Jayne appears to stumble over her words as she says… ‘I asked him why, am I, why…’ and then pauses as she looks up to the ceiling avoiding any direct eye contact.

The other housewives looked shocked as she struggles to give an immediate answer – and Jayne begins to sob as tears roll down her face.

But at this stage it is not entirely clear when answers she gave in full as the clip has been edited by Bravo to save the full reveal for the upcoming reunion. 

However, in another shocking moment to the clip, Jayne also unleashes a foul-mouthed attack on Sutton Stracke as she tells her, ‘You were being a bitchy f*****g c***t.’

Claiming innocence: Erika has repeatedly claimed on this season of the hit Bravo show that she was ‘kept away from the books’ and said that their whole life existed on credit cards

It’ll end in tears: Erika is seen sobbing towards the end of the reunion show 

In August this year, Girardi was federally disbarred as an attorney, according to documents filed under the Central District of California. 

Girardi — who has been placed under a conservatorship on account of a Dementia diagnosis — reportedly ‘did not contest the decision.’

While Jayne has claimed to have no involvement in the embezzlement scandal and ‘kept away from the books’ she has been implicated over an alleged $25million she was paid by Giardi’s law firm. 

Rude: At one point, Erika unleashes foul-mouthed attack on Sutton Stracke as she tells her, ‘You were being a bitchy f*****g c***t.”

Taking hits: Garcelle Beauvais is also in the firing line with some of the other housewives, though nothing compared to what Jayne faces from Cohen 

Spectator: Lisa Rinna is seen reacting to the fights unfolding on the reunion show 

Letting it all out: Crystal Kung Minkoff also has some issues she wants to get off her chest 

Dramz: Kathy Hilton is seen crying at one point in the teaser, before it leads to the Jayne drama

Another day at the office for Andy: Cohen is used to being the ringleader for the explosive reunion episodes and appears to be on his toughest form yet 

Jayne allegedly spent the huge sum of money on her lavish lifestyle from 2008 to 2020. 

Her attorney has stressed that she has done nothing wrong – and Jayne has claimed herself that she now has ‘zero dollars’ to her name. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale will air tonight at 8pm on Bravo.

But viewers will have to wait until Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 8pm, for the start of this fiery four-part reunion. 

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