Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Vintage Thong Like Kim Kardashian, According to Experts

It’s almost fall, aka shopping season, so we guess we know what’s on your mind: Searching for the perfect vintage designer thong.


Well, that’s too bad, because in case you missed it, designer logo thongs from the early ‘90s, are like, so hot right now. Just ask arbiter of cool Kim Kardashian. The 37-year-old mama of three took to Instagram to free the G-string (that’s a pun because this thong is Gucci!) because in case you missed it, thongs are supposed to be visible outside of your clothing now. So ’90s!

@kkwbeauty Contour Singles Available NOW kkwbeauty.com

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@kkwbeauty Contour Singles Available NOW kkwbeauty.com

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Now, we’re not going to lie. Upon realizing that Kardashian’s thong was vintage — older than Kylie Jenner, in fact! — we had some questions. For example, is that hygienic? How does spandex hold up that well after so many years? But mostly, is that hygienic?

Since we couldn’t stop thinking about the latter question, we checked in with Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser of Hollywood-favorite vintage haunt, What Goes Around, Comes Around. Their trusted, secondhand luxury wares have been snatched up by the likes of Kardashian (who wore a vintage Versace latex number purchased at the store just last week) as well as sisters Kendall and Kylie, Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz and more cool and (probably) hygienic people.

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“The thong looks like the iconic vintage swimsuit from Gucci’s Spring/Summer 97 collection,” they tell InStyle via email. Okay, so it’s a swimsuit, not lingerie. Got it. Moving on.

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“Swimsuits from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel are often very difficult to find because they make such a limited quality,” they explained. “Many appear on runways, but never make it to stores.”  With this information we can infer that the garment was probably not purchased, worn and then consigned to a vintage store like so many other garments are, instead likely passing from the fashion house to a third party retailer, like WGACA, and then to Kardashian — or even directly from Gucci to Kardashian herself. We wouldn’t be surprised if she just called up her Gucci pals one day and asked for the oldest yet sexiest piece in the archives, considering her stellar relationships with like, everyone in the fashion industry.

But what if the garment had been a thong — would they advise customers against purchasing such a garment pre-used? “Of course, we take every precaution to ensure that all our products are sold in the best condition and we are very selective when we source all our pieces, especially swimsuits and intimates,” Maione and Weisser tell us. So nope, nothing is taboo when it comes to (high-end) vintage.

“Nothing is off limits if you get it from a trusted source.”

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