Ex-nanny details Mel B’s heavy drinking habits, ‘strange men’

Mel B couldn’t take care of her kids on her own — because she got blackout drunk nearly every day, according to explosive testimony given by her former nanny.

The Blast reports that Russell Updegraff — who took care of kids Angel, 11, and Madison, 6, for several months this year — said in a custody hearing that the singer started drinking beer around 10 a.m., later moving on to wine and liquor.

“Melanie will become mean and belligerent, or she will be completely off the rails in terms of her behavior,” the Blast quoted him as saying. “Melanie slurs her words and speaks incoherently about random topics and subjects, and jumps from one story to the next, unable to finish one conversation or one task, jumping from one thing to the next.”

Updegraff also claimed in LA court that Mel regularly asked him to get cocaine for her, and said that she “brings strange men home.” He described one alleged incident in which he claimed one of them told him “that he was taking Madison to the bathroom to ‘shower her off’ after they had been in the pool together.”

According to the Blast, Updegraff also claimed that the “Wannabe” singer couldn’t take care of her kids on her own.

He said, “Aside from the obvious alcohol addiction and her addiction to multiple partners that she brings around the children, I truly believe that Melanie is mentally and/or psychologically unstable, and is suffering from some form of mental-health issue. I do not believe the children are safe in her custody without supervision or monitoring.”

The Blast also reports that Mel filed papers with the court after the hearing, denying she has an alcohol problem or that she’s addicted to sex.

It said that she’s willing to take random drug and alcohol tests and that Updegraff and her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, are working together “to exaggerate and make up stories” about her.

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