Farrah Abraham Tries to Salvage Image, Exploits Daughter Again

Remember Farrah Abraham’s raunchy boat video where she shakes her booty in lingerie right in front of her impressionable 10-year-old?

Now she’s trying to pull a fast one on fans with a video of her being a “good mom.” But the result only has fans more horrified than before.

Farrah Abraham is always chasing any platform that could possibly help her to regain the measure of cultural relevance that she once enjoyed.

Tik Tok is a deeply shady video app desperate to fill the void left when Twitter shut down Vine.

They’re a natural fit for each other. And yes, we mean that shadily.

But there was nothing “natural” about the video, starring Sophia and set to some wildly age-inappropriate music, that Farrah decided to post.

We’ve all seen RuPaul’s Drag Race. We all know what contouring is.

But if Sophia ever began to look either natural or glammed up from the makeup treatment that Farrah is giving her in this Tik Tok, she doesn’t show it.

We’ve included the video in this post along with a set of screenshots of the progression on Sophia’s face.

Farrah’s intention was clearly to show a “fun” mother-daughter activity. The results left fans unsettled at best.

“I’ve never been so terrified,” exclaims one commenter.

“This is creepy,” comments another, echoing the sentiments of many.

Another jokingly asks: “Is this a filter or her latest surgery or makeup application?”

“Sophia needs adult supervision,” a sage follower opines.

“I don’t know the context,” another commenter admits.

“But this almost looks like a fun, cute photo of Farrah and Sophia goofing off with makeup,” the same fan writes.

The comment concludes: “I’m sure the reality is probably more gross and depressing.”

Many people are waiting with bated breath for Sophia to one day write a tell-all book about Farrah. In the mean time, they pity her.

Look, we here at THG are no prudes. Plenty of wonderful mothers also parade around in lingerie or do their daughter’s makeup.

What makes Farrah’s behavior so nauseating for so many is context.

If you watched the video that we included and listened to the brief music clip, you may have noticed that the lyrics sounded inappropriate.

Sophia is only 10 years old.

“And the man slags tryna get the dick in my pants,” is surely a line of lyrics that can wait until Sophia is a little older. How about 12? At least?

Farrah apologists — and they exist! — may argue that this is a Tik Tok, and Sophia surely wasn’t listening to this song during the makeup session.

But really, that makes it a little worse.

That means that Farrah made this video and then opted to impose this racy, sexual song over her daughter’s face.

We’d ask what Farrah could have possibly been thinking to imagine that this was an appropriate song to pair with any 10-year-old.

The obvious reply, however, would be that Farrah wasn’t really thinking at all. As always, she does what she wants and dismisses all criticism.

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