Friends urge Lisa Armstrong to move on from Ant McPartlin

Days after her estranged husband Ant McPartlin was spotted on a double date in London with new love Anne-Marie Corbett, plus Declan Donnelly and his wife Ali Astall, Lisa Armstrong appeared to suggest she’s still not over their marriage break-up.

The make-up artist has always been open about her feelings on social media, and most recently liked a tweet that read, ‘Ya wanna know what 
a real relationship goal is? 
Going up against all odds 
in a relationship choosing to make it work regardless of circumstances, trials, and tribulations bc that’s the story of how most of our grandparents make it to 50+ years of marriage. You don’t give up.’

But Now understands Lisa, 41, has been advised by friends to move on – once and for all.


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A well-placed source says: ‘Lisa is funny, smart and sassy, but 
the worry is now she’s simply treading water when it comes 
to the divorce, through fear 
of finally letting go of the life she once knew.’

After a 22-year relationship with 42-year-old Ant – and more than a decade spent as his wife – it comes as no surprise that Lisa is struggling with the concept of dating in her 40s. We’re told that, while Lisa is open to new romance, she just doesn’t know where to start.

Our source says: ‘Getting back on the dating scene for Lisa isn’t like riding a bike, it’s more like jumping into the unknown. She’s been through a monsoon of tears and betrayals, and has come out the other side, but the thought of being sexy to someone else is a totally daunting one for her. She needs help regaining her confidence again.’

Over the past few weeks, Lisa has shown off an amazing new look – going blonde and slimming down, thanks to a complete lifestyle overhaul.

But despite starting to love herself again, Now understands letting another man look at her in that way is a whole other challenge for Lisa. Primarily because she isn’t over Ant and still holds out hope their marriage can work.

Lisa’s latest dilemma comes after reports claimed that Ant wants her to sign their divorce papers ‘sooner rather than later’, something she hasn’t wanted to accept or deal with.

After all, 
she is still hurting and was still wearing her wedding ring last week.

But, with Ant moving on 
so quickly, Lisa’s friends are keen for her not to dwell on the past. And it’s not just her friends that are encouraging her to pick herself back up.

Fans have been vocal in their support, with one person writing: ‘Good for you Lisa. Don’t look back, you’re better off.’ While another said: ‘She looks amazing, glad to see 
she’s happy and smiling at last 
I hope they can both move 
on now and enjoy life.’

And with Lisa looking better than ever – is it time to help mend her broken heart, admit it’s the end of the road and 
show Ant what he threw 
away? Her mates think so…

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