Gary Barlow challenges Liam Gallagher to a drink-off

Take That are back as a three-piece for a 30th anniversary tour – and frontman Gary Barlow tells me he’s the only band member who still enjoys partying.

In fact he loves the booze so much, he today challenges renowned ­hellraiser Liam Gallagher , 46, to a drink-off.

Gary, 47, says: “I would like a drink with Liam for sure – show him a thing or two.

“But I’m the only one who is any fun. Stick with me. I am the last one standing.”

At that point Howard, 50, chips in: “He had 17 glasses of wine in one night.” Crikey!

But Gary says fellow party animals Boyzone always end up causing fights.

He says: “We’ve only ever had one night out with Boyzone and it was in Paris. They can drink. They are Irish. Oh my god.

“I remember one of them having fights with people and we were like ‘what is going on here?’ They are hardcore.”

And the lads admit they have become bigger divas with age.

“I like a scented candle in my room,” Gary says. “I do like Diptyque.”

Mark Owen, 46, says: “Now we have our own dressing rooms whereas before we were together.”

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Pre-gig warm ups consist of ­meditation and Mark says they are going to bring back their ice baths.

“It took about 10 years off us,” he wistfully reflects.

Despite selling more than 50million records and touring the world, Take That never performed at Glasto.

Now with Kylie on the bill and the release of greatest hits album Odyssey, which will include three new tracks, are they keen?

“It’s something I would love for us to do as a band,” Mark confesses. “I love that festival.”

Maybe see you next year?

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