Geek Alert! Joe Manganiello Reveals He Forms a ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Celebrity Group

Among the celebrities who join his group are ‘Rampage’ director Brad Peyton, ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Taran Killam and James Gunn.

Actor Joe Manganiello has exposed one of Hollywood’s most secretive societies – the famous Dungeons & Dragons obsessives.

The hunk, who is married to Sofia Vergara, told EW Morning Live on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio there’s a small group of celebrities who play the game regularly – with him.

“The Big Show from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.) started playing again and he got hooked,” Joe said. “Deborah Ann Woll who was on True Blood, she’s a Dungeons master for years. Brad Peyton who directed me in Rampage, Taran Killam from SNL (Saturday Night Live), he’s hooked. (Director) James Gunn… The list goes on and on and on”.

But the actor can’t get his wife to join him in his fantasy world: “I’ll start talking about Dungeons & Dragons and she’ll say, ‘Do you want me to go in my closet and get a tray of my earrings and come out and talk to you about my earrings for the next half (an) hour?'”.

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